4 Useful Apps for Growing Your Following on Instagram

April 3, 2019

Finding the right tools to manage and grow your Instagram account can be a little daunting. Whether it's for your personal account or your organization these apps are sure to come in handy. 

1. Later - Scheduling your Instagram Posts
Later is a powerful scheduling tool for Instagram.They offer a $0, Free Forever plan that lets you schedule up to 30 photo posts (no video) for one social profile per month. Paid options start at $9/month going all the way up to $49/month for unlimited posts for up to 5 social profiles.

2. Crowdfire - Finding Loyal Followers
Thanks to this application you can find your most loyal followers. That is those accounts that always like your Instagram posts. It also gives you information about the profiles that have followed you recently,  as well as those that have stopped following you. This makes it easier to engage those followers on a more personal level. 

3. Repost- Republishing content 
Repost is an Instagram app that gives you the option of republishing content from other users, mentioning the source. This tool is handy to gain credibility. Users trust more in the recommendations and advice of other users than in what the brands themselves say about themselves. What better way to build trust with your followers than by sharing the experiences that other users have with your brand?

4. Instamizer- Working with more than 1 account
Instamizer is an excellent tool for those who need to work with more than one account and it has a desktop interface as well. You can schedule posts and stories which is a feature that not many apps offer. 

Want more ideas on how to manage your social media presence? Check out our free course from SMEX titled “Social media production on a shoestring” .