A Advocacy Assembly possibilita que você aprenda com defensores de direitos humanos, advogados, jornalistas investigativos, designers, cientistas de dados, ativistas e muito mais. Graças à valiosa experiência prática de nossos professores, você irá adqurir habilidades relevantes e práticas para ajudar a construir e avançar em sua carreira. Nossos cursos são ministrados por grandes especialistas em direitos humanos, campanhas e jornalismo. Saiba mais sobre cada um lendo as suas biografias abaixo.

  • Andrés Azpúrua

    Diretor-executivo da VE Inteligente. Ativista e pesquisador, atuando nas áreas de segurança digital, tecnologia cívica e direitos humanos online. Andrés e sua equipe defendem os direitos dos venezuelanos online e ajudam a proteger ativistas, a mídia independente e organizações da sociedade civil.

    • Formas de mitigar a censura online
    • Estratégias para reduzir os impactos de bloqueios da internet
  • Laura Schwartz-Henderson

    Advocacy & Research Advisor

    Laura Schwartz-Henderson é fundadora da Curious Shapes, uma consultoria que se concentra no uso de pesquisas e campanhas criativas para lutar por direitos digitais. Neste trabalho, ela colabora com ativistas, advogados, jornalistas, designers, artistas e tecnólogos de todo o mundo para elaborar projetos de pesquisa capazes de gerar ações práticas ​​e para construir campanhas estratégicas de defesa e promoção de direitos.

  • Maria Xynou

    Maria Xynou trabalha com o Observatório Aberto de Interferência na Rede (OONI) desde 2016, onde gerencia o setor de engajamento de comunidade e conduz pesquisas sobre a censura na internet ao redor do mundo. Antes do OONI, ela trabalhou com a Tactical Tech, onde criou recursos de privacidade e segurança digital, investigou o setor de dados e promoveu workshops de segurança digital para defensores dos direitos humanos.

  • Valentina Aguana

    Valentina Aguana é uma ativista venezuelana de direitos digitais, estudante de engenharia da computação e membro da ONG VE Sin Filtro desde 2019. Ela monitora eventos de censura na internet e analisa ataques cibernéticos direcionados a dissidentes do governo venezuelano. Valentina também oferece treinamento a jornalistas e ativistas sobre questões de privacidade e segurança.

  • Raja Althaibani

    Raja is human rights defender and citizen journalist with strong experience in Yemen and across the MENA region.

    • Five top tips to improve your video skills
    • Capturing, Storing & Sharing Video Evidence
  • Bozorgmehr Sharafedin

    Bozorgmehr is an Iranian journalist and filmmaker. He started his career in his home city of Tehran, where he worked for Persian media for almost 10 years. He joined the BBC World Service as a senior broadcast journalist in 2008 and until recently worked as a newsroom editor for BBC Persian TV. Bozorgmehr is now Iran Correspondent for Reuters.

    • Media match-making for freelance Iranian journalists
  • Amr Eleraqi

    Amr Eleraqi is an Egyptian journalist with more than 10 years of data journalism experience. In 2012 he founded InfoTimes, the first infographic website in the Middle East. Since then he has trained more than 500 journalists in data journalism and data visualisation in cooperation with organisations such as Internews and BBC Media Action.

    • Visualise your data with the best charts and graphs
  • Tracy Frauzel

    Tracy is Mobilisation Strategy Director at Greenpeace’s Mobilisation Lab. She has managed digital campaigns that have brought companies such as Nestle, HSBC and McDonald's agree on concessions for environmental protection.

    • How to create ‘People Powered’ Campaigns
  • Mohamad Najem

    Mohamad Najem co-founded and co-directs Social Media Exchange (SMEX). He focuses on integrating digital rights into Internet policy and governance through research, writing, and online campaigns. He has delivered dozens of digital media and advocacy workshops in Lebanon and throughout the Arab region.

    • Social media production on a shoestring (Part 2)
  • Cheryl W. Thompson

    Cheryl W. Thompson is an investigative correspondent for NPR. Prior to joining NPR in January 2019, she spent 22 years at The Washington Post, where she wrote extensively about law enforcement, political corruption and guns. She teaches investigative reporting as an associate professor at George Washington University and serves as board president of Investigative Reporters and Editors.

    • Privacy International

      Privacy International is committed to fighting for the right to privacy across the world. We litigate to ensure that surveillance is consistent with the rule of law. And advocate for strong national, regional, and international laws that protect privacy, conducting research to catalyse policy change.

      • Researching Privacy
      • Right to Privacy: Introduction and Principles
    • Stefanie Posavec

      Stefanie works as a graphic designer with a focus on data-related design, with work ranging from data visualisation and information design to commissioned data art for a variety of clients such as Facebook, Penguin, Information is Beautiful, BBC and WIRED UK. Her work has been commissioned and exhibited internationally at major galleries.

    • Jan Moolman

      This course is presented by Jan Moolman, a feminist activist who works between women’s rights, technology and human rights for almost a decade, with a specific focus on gender-based violence.she is the Global Women’s Rights Policy Lead at the Association for Progressive Communications.

      • Recognising and Responding to Online Gender-Based Violence
    • Sam Dubberley

      Sam Dubberley is the head of the Crisis Evidence Lab and manager of the Digital Verification Corps in the Crisis Response Programme at Amnesty International. He is the co-editor of the book ‘Digital Witness: Using Open Source Information for Human Rights Investigation, Documentation, and Accountability’ and is a fellow of the University of Essex Human Rights Centre.

    • Toby Mendel

      Toby Mendel is the founder and Executive Director of the Centre for Law and Democracy (CLD), based in Halifax, Canada. CLD works to promote, protect and develop those human rights which serve as the foundation for or underpin democracy, including the rights to freedom of expression, to vote and participate in governance, to access information and to freedom of assembly and association.

    • Yvonne Ng

      Yvonne Ng is an audiovisual archivist and the Archives Program Manager at WITNESS. Working at the intersection of human rights, technology, and human rights, Yvonne supports and trains grassroots activists on collecting, managing, and preserving video evidence for advocacy and evidence. Yvonne holds an MA in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation from New York University.

    • Felicia Anthonio

      #KeepItOn Campaign Manager, Access Now

      Felicia Anthonio trabalha como gerente de campanhas da coalizão #KeepItOn na Access Now, uma organização internacional sem fins lucrativos cuja missão é expandir e defender os direitos digitais de usuários sob ameaça. A campanha #KeepItOn é uma iniciativa global que reúne mais de 280 organizações com o objetivo de acabar com os bloqueios do acesso à internet ao redor do mundo.

    • Ali Ranjipour

      • Gayatri Khandhadai

        This course is presented by Gayatri Khandadhai, a lawyer with a background in international law and human rights. Her focus is digital rights in Asia with specific emphasis on freedom of religion, expression, assembly, and association on the Internet. She is the Asia Policy Regional Coordinator at APC - the Association for Progressive Communications.

      • Cathrine Anite

        Catherine Anite is a Human Rights lawyer and freedom of expression expert. She is the Director of Global Programmes at Small Media Foundation, leading UPR engagements and championing digital rights in over thirty countries in Africa, MENA region and Central Asia under the UPROAR project. She is also the Founding Director of the Freedom of Expression Hub, an organisation working to promote and defend the right to freedom of expression in Uganda.

        • Diplomacy and the UPR for Human Rights Advocates
      • Friedhelm Weinberg

        Friedhelm Weinberg is the Executive Director of HURIDOCS, an organisation that helps human rights defenders utilise information and technology to shine a light on abuses and advance justice for both victims and perpetrators of human rights violations. Friedhelm previously served as HURIDOCS’ Deputy Director, overseeing and managing projects in Africa, the Middle East, the Former Soviet Union Region and Asia.

      • Tara Kelly

        Tara has experience in print, online and broadcast journalism in London, New York and Paris. She has written for the FT Weekend, The Huffington Post and TIME Magazine. Most recently, she was a digital producer for CNN International in London. Tara now works as a digital consultant and journalist.

        • Rose Parris Richter

          Rose is the Executive Director of the Human Rights in Iran Unit at City University of New York. She has documented human rights violations in support of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran since 2011. She also used to be a pro surfer.

        • Mani Mostofi

          Mani Mostofi is the Director of Impact Iran, a coalition of Iranian human rights organisations. He’s an international human rights lawyer who reported on the human rights situation in Iran, Bahrain, and other places for many years. He was also the lead singer of a straight edge punk band.

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