Shutdown Academy

60 mins

Detecting Internet Shutdowns with IODA

Internet Intelligence Lab
The purpose of this course is to train you to use IODA. IODA serves as an online Internet connectivity detection platform. We help the Internet freedom community and Internet users globally to verify a disruption in Internet connectivity and understand the extent of disconnectivity of location and duration. To achieve this we provide a public dashboard that monitors the Internet 24/7 and provides Internet connectivity measurements at the country, region, and Internet provider level.
About this course:
First, we will talk about how IODA started, who uses IODA, and why. Then we will cover how IODA measures Internet connectivity. We’ll go over a brief review of how Internet shutdowns occur. Finally, we’ll take you through the IODA dashboard, how to use it, and hear from specific IODA users.
What do I learn:
You will learn how IODA measures Internet outages and how to use the IODA dashboard to monitor for outages or to look for historic outages.
What do I need to know:
Some basic understanding of the Internet: the Internet is made of numerous connected networks that provide service to various geographies. These networks have a physical infrastructure that connects them and routes Internet traffic around the globe.


Alberto Dainotti

Alberto Dainotti is an Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science at the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. His research is at the intersection of Internet measurement, data science and cybersecurity. He develops methods and builds near-real-time streaming data analytics systems (IODA, BGPStream, GRIP) that combine diverse data to monitor and improve Internet infrastructure security and reliability.

Amanda Meng

Amanda Meng, PhD, is a scholar of data activism, investigating how social movements and grassroots organizations make use of data to achieve social change. She has been working on the IODA project since January 2022. Throughout her career as a practitioner and academic she has spent time in the Dominican Republic, India, Ghana, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Argentina, and Atlanta.

1.1 Introduction to course
1.2 Why IODA is important in the Internet freedom community?
2.1 What IODA does and does not measure?
2.2 Introduction to IODA’s measurements
2.3 Quiz
3.1 How the Internet gets shut down?
3.2 Case study: How The Economist uses IODA
3.3 Case study: How IODA measures internet shutdowns in Iran
4.1 How to use the IODA dashboard
4.2 IODA in practice: Russia-Ukraine war
4.3 IODA in practice: Iran protests September - October 2022
5.1 Wrap up video
5.2 Course survey

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