Your privacy is important to us. Here is our privacy policy which summarises how we collect, store and use the details you submit to us.

1. What information do we have?
We hold the criteria you submitted to us via the Advocacy Assembly signup form. We also run Google Analytics tracking code on the page but cannot associate any IP addresses to user IDs. 

2. Why do we ask for this information?
We ask for specific details on your sign up form. Your name so that your certificate contains accurate details; your country of residence so we can find suitable training partners and tailor future courses to student needs. 

3. How is the information kept?
All the personal data is processed by vetted staff in the UK and is stored in secure servers in The UK. No third parties have access to your personal data. 

4. What do we do with it?
We use the data to monitor our audience reach, calculate the number of enrolments and course completions, and the popularity of course topics. 

5. How long do we keep it?
We keep the aforementioned criteria indefinitely (while Advocacy Assembly exists). 

6. Do I have the right to withdraw consent?
Yes. If you aren’t happy with any of the above you can deactivate your account via your My Courses page.

7. Any concerns or complaints?
If you have a complaint or wish to raise a privacy-related issue, please email [email protected].

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