Shutdown Academy

60 mins

Engaging with the Private Sector to End Internet Shutdowns

Global Network Initiative
This course focuses on aspects of engaging with the private sector to end internet shutdowns. It is led by an Executive Director from the Global Network Initiative (GNI) who will introduce learners to key concepts, such as shifting relationships and dynamics between the private sector and government authorities, how to approach them and build relationships with these companies. The course will also focus on long-term relationship building in order to reduce and eventually end network disruptions, including "blanket" shutdowns.
About this course:
This course is designed to equip advocates, activists, campaigners, lawyers, human rights defenders, individuals, and journalists with key strategies to engage with the private sector when campaigning for the end of internet shutdowns.
What do I learn:
This introductory course is intended to provide human rights defenders, journalists, activists, and individuals with how the private sector plays a part in internet shutdowns, how best to work with them, different strategies and dynamics to know about and how to build a strong collaboration with them. It will also discuss how to focus on long-term relationship building in order to reduce and eventually end network disruptions, including "blanket" shutdowns.
What do I need to know:
This course is useful for anyone with an interest in understanding how to engage with and build collaborations with the private sector with the goal of ending internet shutdowns. The Global Network Initiative is a non-governmental organization with the dual goals of preventing Internet censorship by authoritarian governments and protecting the Internet privacy rights of individuals. It is sponsored by a coalition of multinational corporations, non-profit organizations, and universities.


Jason Pielemeier

As Executive Director, Jason leads a dynamic multi-stakeholder human rights collaboration, building consensus for the advancement of freedom of expression and privacy amongst technology companies, academics, human rights and press freedom groups and socially responsible investors.

1.1 Introduction to course
1.2 What is the role of the private sector in internet shutdowns?
1.3 How are disruptions ordered?
2.1 How should ISPs respond to network disruptions?
2.2 Orange - case study
2.3 Case study - Company Experiences: Orange in Egypt
2.4 Case study - Company Experiences: Telenor Group Video
3.1 Familiarizing yourself with the local context
3.2 Familiarizing yourself with local laws
4.1 Familiarizing yourself with the company
4.2 Building ongoing relationships
4.3 During and after a network disruption
5.1 What can other tech actors do?
5.2 Building advocacy alliances with Non-Tech Companies
5.3 Quiz
6.1 Conclusion
6.2 Course Survey

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