Shutdown Academy

60 mins

Developing an Action Plan for Internet Shutdowns

The course taught by Laura Schwartz-Henderson equips participants with advocacy skills, research techniques, and strategic planning to combat shutdowns.
About this course:
This course will teach you how to understand the advocacy needs and challenges your communities face in fighting back against internet shutdowns and how to build a strategic action plan to prepare for, prevent, and resist internet shutdowns. You will be provided a workbook template to brainstorm advocacy activities and strategically prioritize your actions before a potential shutdown occurs.
What do I learn:
In this course, you will learn the advocacy skills you need to fight back against shutdowns, how to use research to understand your community’s needs when it comes to shutdown response and prevention, and how to take all of this information and build a strategic internet shutdown action plan. This action planning process will help you organize and prioritize activities, and also give you the information and structure you need to request funding for anti-shutdown activities.
What do I need to know:
It is useful if you have some background knowledge on internet shutdowns and have taken some of the other advocacy assembly courses, but it is not a requirement.


Laura Schwartz-Henderson

Laura Schwartz-Henderson is the founder of Curious Shapes, a consultancy that focuses on using research and creative campaigns to fight for digital rights. In this work, she collaborates with activists, lawyers, journalists, designers, artists, and technologists from around the world to design actionable research projects and build strategic advocacy campaigns.

1.1 Introduction to the course
2.1 Know what a shutdown is and how different shutdowns technically occur
2.2 Why governments shut down the internet and what triggers a shutdown?
2.3 The impact of shutdowns
2.4 Know what you need to fight back against shutdowns
3.1 Why we need to conduct a risk assessment
3.2 Needs Assessment Methodology
3.3 How to assess the risks of a shutdown?
3.4 How to assess your community needs
3.5 Senegal: Preventative and Proactive measures to fight back on shutdowns
4.1 The WHO: Assessing stakeholders
4.2 THE WHEN: Building a calendar
4.3 THE WHAT: Strategizing & prioritizing our activities & tactics
4.4 Bangladesh: Using Research to Developed Nuanced Advocacy in a Challenging Context
5.1 Conclusion
5.2 Course survey

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