Shutdown Academy

60 mins

Mitigating Online Censorship

Ve Sin Filtro
The course will help you understand the various forms of internet censorship, how and when they might occur, and safe methods for circumventing them.
About this course:
As repressive governments fight for ever-increasing control of information flows and access, the ubiquity of the internet as a tool for exercising freedom of speech makes it an all-too-common target for censorship. Some countries like China have institutionalised such censorship with national-scale surveillance infrastructure like the Great Firewall, effectively monitoring and controlling what people can access on the internet, in violation of their basic human rights. In this course, we will explore internet censorship in more detail, using several case studies to demonstrate how you can navigate techniques and tools for circumventing these restrictions.
What do I learn:
By the end of the course, you will be able to: Understand internet censorship, how it works, and when it can occur Build a map of the various forms of internet censorship using country case studies Navigate various forms of censorship using selected tools and techniques
What do I need to know:
The course is designed for people living, working or providing internet freedom and digital safety support to communities in repressive regions.


Andrés Azpúrua

Executive Director at VE Inteligente. Activist and researcher, working in the fields of digital security, civic tech and human rights online. Andrés and his team defend the rights of Venezuelans online and help protect activists, independent media and CSOs.

Valentina Aguana

Valentina Aguana is a Venezuelan digital rights activist, computer engineering student and a member of the NGO VE Sin Filtro since 2019. She monitors internet censorship events and analyses cyber attacks that target dissidents from the Venezuelan government. Valentina also gives training to journalists and activists regarding privacy and security issues.

1.1 Meet your instructor & learn about the course
1.2 What is internet censorship?
1.3 How does internet censorship differ from internet shutdown?
1.4 How do I know if the internet is being censored?
2.1 How the internet works
2.2 Routing and IP blocking
2.3 Understanding how content is blocked
2.4 Understanding Throttling
2.5 What is a DNS anyway
2.6 When handshakes fail - TCP blocks
2.7 Application-layer censorship / DPI
3.1 Changing your DNS settings / DoH / DNS over TLS
3.2 Circumventing blocks with a VPN
3.3 Go borderless with Tor
3.4 On the Go with TAILS
3.5 CENO browser
4.1 Your site being blocked: First steps & things to consider
4.2 Case study - VPNs & internet censorship
4.3 Case study - How Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty circumvents internet censorship
4.4 Censorship resilient services and website mirrors
4.5 Web encryption: HTTPS, ESNI and more
5.1 Wrap-up video
5.2 Course survey

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