Shutdown Academy

60 mins

Advocating and Campaigning Against Internet Shutdowns

Access Now
This course focuses on internet shutdowns and how to mobilise and fight against them. Aimed at civil society organisations and grassroots activists, the course provides practical advice, tactics, and strategies that individuals or organisations with limited resources can enact.
About this course:
Internet shutdowns may affect us as individuals or as activists in almost all aspects of our lives, including how students can participate in exams, how journalists cover events, how we participate in elections, how small businesses can survive, and how we access healthcare. In this course, we’ll look at advocacy and campaigning strategies and tactics for advocating against “kill switches”. We’ll look at some key regions around the world: Africa, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.
What do I learn:
This course is intended to provide individuals and groups with practical tips for public advocacy campaigns against internet shutdowns. In each chapter, the course looks at how states, rulers, militaries, and other actors around the world enable and enforce internet shutdowns, highlighting lessons from those who are fighting back.
What do I need to know:
This course does not require any specialised knowledge. As it focuses on internet shutdowns and outlines ways to work around shutdowns, some knowledge of social media, mobile networks, and internet platforms is useful, while basic IT knowledge is beneficial but not essential.


Felicia Anthonio

Felicia Anthonio works with Access Now as #KeepItOn Campaign Manager – leading a global campaign that unites over 280 organizations around the world working to fight against internet shutdowns. Before joining Access Now, she was a Programme Associate at the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) where she coordinated the African Freedom of Expression Exchange.

1.1 Introduction to the course
1.2 The impacts of shutdowns
1.3 Fighting shutdowns – strategies and tactics for campaigners
1.4 Fighting against shutdowns – lessons from the #KeepItOn campaign
2.1 The global deterioration of democracy and shrinking space for civil society
2.2 Shutdowns in Africa: who is perpetrating them? Who is fighting back?
2.3 Shutdowns in Asia Pacific: who is perpetrating them? Who is fighting back?
2.4 Shutdowns in the Middle East & North Africa:who is perpetrating them?Who is fighting?
2.5 Shutdown in Latin America & the Caribbean:who is perpetrating them?Who is fighting?
2.6 Shutdowns in Eastern Europe & Central Asia:who is perpetrating them? Who is fighting?
3.1 Elections watch and shutdown advocacy toolkit
3.2 Shutdowns during civil unrest and protests
3.3 Shutdowns during exam periods
3.4 Staying safe during a shutdown
3.5 Can you challenge an election shutdown perpetrator?
3.6 Fighting shutdowns via international institutions, community & courts
3.7 How companies can fight shutdowns - UN guidance
4.1 Case study: shutdowns and gender
4.2 Case study: shutdowns and humanitarian aid
4.3 Case study: shutdowns and disability
4.4 Case study: shutdowns and healthcare
5.1 Wrap up video
5.2 Course survey

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