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Developing SMART Goals for Successful Strategies

Successful advocacy strategists set goals. Donors demand them. But not all goals are equal in getting you where you want to be. Improve your effectiveness by learning the different types of goals and how to make them SMART with this course by the digital media and advocacy experts at Social Media Exchange.
About this course:
Doing advocacy can be disorienting. Decisions and distractions await at every turn. That’s why to gauge their progress, successful strategists set SMART goals.
What do I learn:
We’ll begin this course with a clear case for goal-setting. Then, we’ll dive deeply into the five aspects of SMART goals and learn how to connect them to your desired outputs, outcomes, influence, and impact. Finally, we’ll practice recognizing SMART goals and we’ll provide you with resources to guide you as you write your own.
What do I need to know:
Some familiarity with advocacy planning, project management, or campaigns is helpful, but not required.


Jessica Dheere

Jessica Dheere founded and co-directs SMEX, where she spends much of her time writing proposals for media development and Internet policy programs. She developed her goal-setting skills as managing editor of magazines, where the main goal was to get to press on time. Jessica has a master’s degree in media studies.

1.1 Introduction to the Course
1.2 Strategic Building Blocks: Goals and Objectives
1.3 Relating Goals and Objectives: Visions and Missions
1.4 What is a goal?
1.5 Making Goals Achievable
1.6 Setting Goals as a Group
1.7 Cascading Goals and Objectives
1.8 Setting Clear Goals Now Makes Everything Downstream Easier
2.1 What is a SMART Goal?
2.2 Defining SMART Goals
2.3 Developing Specific Goals
2.4 Developing Measurable Goals
2.5 Quiz: Measurable Goal
2.6 Developing Attainable Goals
2.7 Developing Relevant Goals
2.8 Case Study: UN Video
2.9 Quiz: UN Video
2.10 Developing relevant goals part 2
2.11 Developing Time-Bound Goals
2.12 Examples of SMART goals
3.1 Flip Your Perspective
3.2 What are Your Expected Outputs and Outcomes?
3.3 What are Your Indicators and What Do They Tell You?
3.4 Quiz: Indicators
4.1 Mamnou3! Case Study
4.2 Quiz: Mamnou3!
5.1 Developing your own SMART Goals
5.2 Turn Your SMART Goal into a SMART Strategy
5.3 Develop Your Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
6.1 Course Wrap Up

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