Social Media

60 mins

Social media strategy on a shoestring (Part 1)

Social media campaigns help us do things, like raise awareness or money, that help us reach greater advocacy goals. Learn how to plan and execute a social media strategy for your favourite issue or organisation in this course led by the team at Social Media Exchange.
About this course:
Social media tools and tactics are now essential to all advocacy. They support broader advocacy campaigns by amplifying their reach. But with these new approaches come new challenges, such as deciding who to speak to and over which channels.. You’ll learn the key steps to developing a social media strategy, including setting goals and metrics, crafting messages, choosing appropriate channels, and identifying appropriate indicators to monitor your progress.
What do I learn:
You’ll learn to develop a social media strategy to engage supporters and connect online activity to meaningful, measurable change. You’ll also become familiar with social media tactics from around the world as you practice your new skills in real-time and brainstorm your own social media campaign.
What do I need to know:
Some familiarity with advocacy planning, project management, or campaigns is helpful, but not required.


Jessica Dheere

Jessica Dheere founded and co-directs SMEX, where she spends much of her time writing proposals for media development and Internet policy programs. She developed her goal-setting skills as managing editor of magazines, where the main goal was to get to press on time. Jessica has a master’s degree in media studies.

1.1 Introduction to the Course
1.2 What is Social Media Strategy?
1.3 Why Create a Social Media Strategy?
1.4 How to create a social media strategy in 5 steps
2.1 Align social media with objectives
2.2 What do you want to achieve?
2.3 A goal setting scenario
2.4 Exercise: Set up social media goals
3.1 Know your audience
3.2 Build a base
3.3 Extend your reach
3.4 Scan social analytics
3.5 Advanced audience development
4.1 Match channels to audiences
4.2 How social networks differ
5.1 The goal of a content strategy
5.2 Brainstorming for your campaign
5.3 Starting a conversation on social media
5.4 Editorial calendar: Scheduling content
5.5 Exercise - Create an Editorial Calendar
6.1 Why metrics matter
6.2 Metrics by platform
6.3 Exercise - Create a social media report
7.1 Strategize for Impact

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