Social Media

60 mins

Social media production on a shoestring (Part 2)

Social media campaigns support larger advocacy goals and connect online activity to offline action. Learn how to make your campaigns come to life with engaging content and a production plan led by the team at Social Media Exchange.
About this course:
Social media networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, are now essential to all advocacy campaigns. But using them to achieve your goals isn’t always as straightforward as you might expect. Social media managers must know how to produce and plan great content that stays on message and on goal to realise real-world impact. You’ll learn content fundamentals, best practices, and top tactics for running social media campaigns on a daily basis.
What do I learn:
You’ll learn how to transform your social media strategy into engaging live content on a daily or weekly production cycle that you can monitor for measurable impact. With our best practices, you’ll learn how to build and grow your followers and to coordinate social media strategies among small teams, with minimal resources. Our interactive exercises will cement your understanding of social media production and prepare you to launch your best campaign yet.
What do I need to know:
Prior to completing this course, consider taking Social Media Strategy on a Shoestring, another course by SMEX. Some familiarity with social media, advocacy planning, project management, or campaigns is helpful, but not required.


Mohamad Najem

Mohamad Najem co-founded and co-directs Social Media Exchange (SMEX). He focuses on integrating digital rights into Internet policy and governance through research, writing, and online campaigns. He has delivered dozens of digital media and advocacy workshops in Lebanon and throughout the Arab region.

1.1 Introduction to the course
1.2 Make static content consistent
1.3 Newsfeed posts: Format, function and feel
1.4 Quiz - Which post would you click?
2.1 Best practices for social media copy
2.2 Best practices for social images
2.3 Best practices for social video
2.4 Best practices for timing social media
2.5 Tips for avoiding social media fails
2.6 Quiz - UN Women’s #HeForShe Campaign
2.7 Exercise - Create a Social Media Campaign
3.1 Scheduling tools
3.2 Tools for creating a shared social media posting plan
3.3 Team collaboration
4.1 Develop a sense of community
4.2 Develop social listening habits
4.3 Set up Google alerts
4.4 Stay up to date with Feedly
4.5 Create Twitter lists
4.6 Exercise - Set up your listening posts
5.1 Proving social media ROI
5.2 Social media reporting on a shoestring
5.3 Exercise - Set up social media tracking tools for your campaign
6.1 Produce like a pro

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