40 mins

Succeeding Together: Forming Effective Groups for Advocacy

Nabz Iran
This course will provide you with an overview of why organized groups are an essential driver for addressing community needs, how people can play a role as a group leader and how to operate better as an effective group.
About this course:
As you look around your community and talk with your neighbors, you’ve probably become aware of various needs that you would like to see addressed. There are a number of different ways to address community needs, but for most social change initiatives to be successful, you will need to work together with people in your community. This course will help build your leadership capacities, provide you with some tools to form effective community groups, and equip you with the skills to mobilize and advocate on an issue important to your community.
What do I learn:
You will learn to become a strong leader and how to build relationships that can bring people together for the good of your community. From how to manage a meeting to how to create a shared vision for your group, you will learn how to build effective groups that can help bring about social change.
What do I need to know:
If you are someone who cares about your community and is looking to play a role to address community needs, then this is the course for you.


Nima Nariman

Nima Nariman is a science journalist trained in Cognitive Neuroscience in King’s College London as well as in Speech and Language Therapy in University of Tehran, Iran. He is a freelance science writer and producer specialising in neuroscience and mental health and his works has appeared in BBC Persian as well as a number of newspapers in Iran.

1.1 Introduction to course
1.2 The basics of forming a strong group
1.3 Case study: Citizen Lebanon
1.4 Quiz: Community needs
1.5 You are a leader
1.6 Building Relationships
1.7 What types of groups are there?
1.8 Getting started - forming a new community group
1.9 Quiz
2.1 Building an effective group
2.2 Start with good relationships
2.3 Values and aspirations
2.4 Quiz: Good and Bad vision statements
2.5 Building the organization
2.6 Building the organization - Resources
2.7 Building the organization - networks and coalitions
2.8 Building the organization - growth and learning
2.9 Quiz: Effective groups
3.1 An introduction to working well
3.2 Holding and facilitating an effective meeting
3.3 Decision Making
3.4 Conflict Management
3.5 Ethics and accountability
3.6 Quiz: Working together
4.1 Conclusion

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