60 mins

Online Petitioning for Advocacy in Iran

Radio Zamaneh
This course is an introduction to online petitions as a tool for advocacy in Iran. Participants will learn how petitions can be an effective tool for advocacy. After completing the course, participants will be able to create and promote their own petition.
About this course:
This course is an introduction to online petitions as a tool for advocacy. The course focuses on creating and promoting petitions in Iran, but may also be applicable for other repressive societies. During the course, participants will learn why online petitions are valuable, both in the international and Iranian context, and how they fit into larger advocacy campaigns. The course then goes through the various parts of a petition, providing guidance on creating a petition that resonates with the target audience and inspires signatories to take action in support of the issue(s) being addressed.
What do I learn:
You will learn how to create and use online petitions as a tool for advocacy. You will learn what makes an effective petition and how to promote it online. The course is focused on the Iranian context, but will be useful for anyone conducting advocacy campaigns in repressive societies.
What do I need to know:
This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to create an effective online petition. The content focuses on the Iranian context.


Nasim Roshanaei

Nasim Roshanaei is an Iranian journalist, sociologist, and activist who now resides in the Netherlands. She has researched, written, and translated multiple print and digital publications, both from within and outside of Iran. Nasim has worked as a journalist at Zamaneh Media since 2013 where she focuses on politics, society, women’s issues, and investigative journalism.

1.1 Intro the course & meet the instructor
1.2 What are (online) petitions
1.3 Why online petitions matter
1.4 Introduce different online petition platforms
1.5 Online petitioning in the Iranian context
2.1 Why online petitions are valuable
2.2 What “success” looks like for petitions
2.3 Several examples of effective online petitions and their outcomes
3.1 Identifying the topic and goals of your petition
3.2 Choosing the right online petition platform
3.3 Identifying the decision maker to whom to direct your petition
3.4 Writing a compelling call to action and description for your petition
3.5 Quiz
4.1 Using social media to promote your petition
4.2 Sharing the petition with your personal network
4.3 Asking high profile individuals to sign your petition
4.5 Quiz
5.1 Using petitions as a tool in larger advocacy campaigns
5.2 Encouraging people to continue their support through offline action
6.1 Summary - wrap up video

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