60 mins

Human Rights Monitoring, Reporting and Advocacy

CUNY Brooklyn College
This course builds on the Human Rights in Practice – The Right to Freedom of Religion or Belief course. This course will provide human rights defenders with a working knowledge of human rights monitoring, reporting and advocacy as these relate to the right to freedom of religion or belief (FoRB).
About this course:
The course unpacks core principles and practicalities of undertaking effective reporting, monitoring and advocacy for the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion or belief (FoRB). To this end, the course first delves more generally into human rights-based reporting and monitoring, ensuring a ‘do no harm approach and the criticality of verification. The security of gathering information – both physical and, increasingly, digital – is explored before diving into the role of indicators for evidence-based reporting.
What do I learn:
We designed this introductory course to familiarize civil society actors with the basics of undertaking human rights monitoring, reporting and advocacy for FoRB.
What do I need to know:
As an introductory course, deep subject matter knowledge is not expected at all. However, we encourage completing Human Rights in Practice – The Right to Freedom of Religion or Belief course to understand the international legal FoRB framework; we build upon this framework to unpack the basics of monitoring, reporting and advocating for FoRB.
1.1 Introduction to the course
1.2 Quiz - Measuring your knowledge
2.1 Human Rights-Based Approach to reporting and monitoring
3.1 Human Rights-Based Approach to Reporting & Monitoring: Do No Harm Principle
4.1 Verification
5.1 Digital and Physical Security
6.1 An Introduction to Indicators and Operationalization in Reporting Contexts
7.1 Mechanisms of Oversight
8.1 Writing for International Law Contexts
9.1 Structuring and Executing a Report
10.1 International Advocacy
11.1 Final Quiz
12.1 Wrap up video

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