5 social media strategies for social change

July 11, 2018

Whether you're campaigning for environmental issues or your focus is on children’s education, managing your social media presence requires additional considerations that can have a huge impact on your work. In this week’s blog, we share five things to consider for social entrepreneurs and changemakers. 

1. Identify your core message in the same way that you created a vision and mission statement for your work. The same must be done for your social media content. It's important for your audience to associate your page/platform with a key message. Because in any social initiative, you can discuss multiple issues on your social media platforms. It's important to have a plan for how to introduce your topics and in what manner. 

2. Language - Keep in mind that your social initiatives might grow. Later on throughout your work, you might apply for international competitions that will probably check your social media platforms. That’s why it important that if you're in a non-English speaking country to regularly post content that is in English and to avoid relying on automatic Facebook translations. 

3. Consistency - If you have built an audience for the work you do, then people will be interested in the details and updates on your initiatives. Unlike when your posting as a company or a business, when your posting as a changemaker people want more of your content and so it’s ok to allow yourself to not follow any social media guidelines that suggest you post only once a day. Consistency is key because it reminds people of your cause, it makes them understand it even better and it has a ripple effect in attracting more supporters for your cause.

4. Post content that is personal and real - People are not always interested in reading articles or content from other websites. They want content that reflects and showcases exactly what it is you do. It could be a behind the scenes picture of your team preparing for an event. The important thing is to always share content that can bridge the gap between the social media world and the real one.    

5. Going live matters - Don’t underestimate the power of going live. With Facebook’s constantly changing algorithms, it can be harder for people to see your content. Going live provides you with unique content and increases people’s awareness about what you do. 

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