A journalist’s guide to recording audio

Jan. 28, 2019

Want to record clear and high-quality audio before your next interview? We’ve come up with some top tips on using microphones and recording audio taken from our WITNESS video courses on Advocacy Assembly.

Microphone tips:

Tip 1: A shotgun microphone is essential for all handheld close quarter filming.
Tip 2: An inexpensive lapel microphone is perfect for recording interviews.
Tip 3: Wireless microphones are used to record audio long distances from the smartphone.
Tip 4: If you buy a radio microphone spend a bit more because it’s a tool you will keep for a while.

Recording tips

Tip 5: For an interview, record within a meter of the subject, use a windsock outdoors (comes with microphone).
Tip 6: Sit your subject back to the wind to the shield the lapel microphone that’s attached about 20 cm below the subject’s mouth.
Tip 7: Monitor the sound with a good pair of headphones to make sure you’re capturing it all.
Tip 8: Background noises are distracting in a video. Turn off fans and refrigerators or any other sound. If there's a window open, close it to shut out the traffic noises. If your piece needs background sound, be sure to record it separately from the interview.

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