Five website metrics you should be using right now 

April 5, 2016

1. Traffic - How many visitors do you attract? 

Website traffic tells you how many people have visited your website. This can be divided into unique visitors and returning visitors. A high number of unique visitors shows good visibility, while more repeat visitors means you're offering engaging content.


2. Traffic source - How are they finding you? 

The source of your traffic is often very telling. Having strong a social media presence, solid SEO and link partnerships can often increase the different ways people find your content. The four different sources for your website traffic include: 

a) Organic search - Visitors who come to your site through search engines 

b) Referral - Those who come from other websites

c) Direct - Visitors who directly type in your URL into their browser

d) Social - Those who come from social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


3. Bounce rate - How many visitors leave your site after landing on your page?

The bounce rate is the percentage of people who land on your website and leave without browsing. A low bounce rate means you are offering good content around your site. Meanwhile, a high bounce rate may require reworking your content.


4. Top pages - What's the most read content?

Understanding your site's top performing pages will show you what's working and what is not working. When you know what your visitors like, you can replicate it on other pages and even consider adding a ‘most read’ section or subscribe button.


5. Interactions - What are your visitors doing? 

One of the best ways to understand your visitors is to look at how they interact on your site. Interactions per visit can range from leaving a comment, sharing content on social media or subscribing to your newsletter. A website with a high interaction ratio will help you build loyal visitors.


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