4 Social Media trends shaping today's work

July 1, 2019

Just when you think you have mastered all your social media tools, something new comes along the way to change how you market your work and connect with your audience. And staying up to date with all that is happening in the social media world has become a necessity for survival these days. This week we are sharing 4 trends we think everyone should be aware of whether your an activist, journalist or even a freelancer. 

1.Live video is becoming  a necessity 
The increasing popularity of live video means that it can longer be ignored. Marketers aren’t the only ones taking advantage of live streams. Journalists, activists and most media outlets share live videos to interact with their audiences and to increase engagement with social media followers.

2. Chatbots are taking over
A lot of businesses are using chatbots to communicate with their customers on social media. This trend is growing at a rapid rate. It’s a great way to keep the communication flow especially when your away from your social media outlets or if there is a time difference issue and you have a global network of people who follow your work. 

3. Influencer marketing is evolving
Companies are starting to partner with micro influencers to increase their credibility. These are  people on social media channels who have a strong following but don’t have a celebrity status. These type of influencers usually engage more with your following and portray a more authentic image of your work.   

4. Social listening is real
Marketing solutions like Sprout Social offer social listening tools to help brands analyze various audiences. It gives you the opportunity to see what  people say about your work/brand. You can use this tool to monitor relevant keywords or hashtags used on social media and to  adjust your marketing strategy accordingly and make sure you’re targeting the right audience.