10 tips for more secure email

Oct. 21, 2019

Email is an important part of the work that you do, but it is also a very insecure tool. Most emails have no encryption, which means that it is possible for organisations like the internet service provider (ISP) in the path of the email being sent to intercept and read the mail. Also, the service provider may be legally forced to hand over copies of any mail on their servers to governments who demand them. Here are some basic steps you can take to make yourself more secure.

1. Set up two-factor authentication
2. Delete old emails
3. Limit the information you share
4. Be cautious of opening unexpected attachments
5. Keep separate email accounts for separate projects or groups
6. Use HTTPS
7. Be aware of security alerts
8. Check where your account has been accessed from
9. Check your access granted
10. Encrypt email

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