Stay safe online! 3 digital security resources to download now!  

July 5, 2017

For activists, campaigners and journalists, digital security matters! To protect yourself from the prying eyes of governments or any other third parties, there is no time like the present when it comes to minimising your digital footprint. Here are three free resources by leading organisations to help you and your contacts stay safe and secure online! 

1. Surveillance Self-Defense - Surveillance Self-Defense (SSD) is a guide to protecting yourself from electronic surveillance for people all over the world. Created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the guide offers step-by-step tutorials for installing and using a variety of privacy and security tools, but also aims to teach people how to think about online privacy and security in a sophisticated way.    
2. The Digital First Aid Kit - Developed by the Rapid Response Network, the Digital First Aid Kit aims to provide preliminary support for people facing the most common types of digital threats. The Kit offers a set of self-diagnostic tools for human rights defenders, bloggers, activists and journalists facing attacks themselves, as well as providing guidelines for digital first responders to assist a person under threat.
3. Umbrella App - Security First’s Umbrella app provides all the advice needed to operate safely in a hostile environment. Designed for human rights activists, journalists and aid workers, it offers step-by-step advice and checklists for every situation from sending a secure email to attending a protest or dealing with a kidnapping - Umbrella provides you with a one-stop-shop for all the latest tools and information on how to operate securely as and when you need it. 
Want to get up to speed on digital security basics? Sign up for Security First’s free mini-courses on Secure Communications and Staying Safe Online
And, if you would like a one to one Skype session with security experts from organisations such as The Rory Peck Trust and Frontline Freelance, you can register for a free consultation here