How to promote your podcast and make an impact

Feb. 3, 2020

Outreach and promotion are crucial to connecting with and expanding your audience. We’ve got six ways for you to extend your reach. 

1. Make sure your podcast stands out against others. Take some time to listen to some podcasts that already have a substantial following.

2. Publish your podcast everywhere. iTunes is probably the most commonplace to list your podcast, but it’s best to list your podcast in as many podcast directories as are relevant to your subject.

3. Keyword-optimize your podcast listings. You should optimize your podcasts for search, both for Google and for the search engines of each podcast directory.

4. Tap your network for initial listeners. Your first few regular listeners will be the hardest to get, so get whoever you can. Talk to friends, family members, and employees to drum up initial interest. Get these people to follow your podcast’s social channels as well. 

5. Pay to be mentioned in other related podcasts. If you know of another similar podcast with lots of listeners, consider paying the other podcast to announce your podcast’s launch and recommend it. You can even rent their email list to make an announcement via email. 

6. Ask your listeners to subscribe at the start of each episode. The best way to keep listeners coming back to your podcast is to get them to subscribe, so they automatically download or listen to your latest episodes.

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